What is Big Data and Why it is Gaining Hype in the Market?

What is Big Data and Why it is Gaining Hype in Market

Big Data refers to massive amounts of data produced by different sources like social media platforms, weblogs, sensors, IoT devices, and many more. It can be either structured (like tables in DBMS), semi-structured (like XML files) or unstructured (like audios, videos, and images). Big Data helps in understanding human behaviour and uncertain business conditions through predictive analytics.  

Understand how big data is directly related to you 

What is Big Data and Why it is Gaining Hype in the Market?

A user wrote, ‘On a fine evening while surfing Facebook, I got puzzled after finding a new feature. 

I recently uploaded a group picture on my wall and forgot to tag Neha in the picture. Facebook actually suggested I tag her by recognizing her face exactly. Isn’t it crazy? So it was ‘Facial Recognition’ that truly recognized Neha in the picture.’ 

How did Facebook maintain to use more and more data from the users and innovate its features frequently? From where do the ideas come? 

Is it Big Data? Of course, definitely, and absolutely. Big Data is growing so rapidly that it can even leave the internet behind. Learning and getting certified in Big Data will help you to get better job opportunities. 

People are becoming more digitized. Earlier a person goes only swimming but as of now he knows about the calories he would be burning, pulse rate, heart rate, time, distance, etc. Using these readings, he can compare this to his previous performance as well. All these are because of advancements in technologies. Big data seems to be growing exponentially and penetrating wide sectors and industries with every passing day. Thus, Big data keeps getting bigger. 
Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are produced. It has been said that for downloading the total data available online, we will require around 181 million years. 

The world’s most valuable resource is Big Data, no longer oil. 
-The Economist 

Read this article to demystify the major reasons behind the chart-topping popularity of Big Data and you will realize why it is the right time to learn Big Data. 

Career Opportunities in Big Data

In line with the trends of Big Data in general, the request for skilled Big Data professionals is growing rapidly. At the moment, there is more demand than supply, which results in large increases in salaries and payments for people who have the required skill set. Major job opportunity platforms such as Indeed or LinkedIn, have been posting an increasing number of job postings looking for Data Analysts or data scientists. The demand for Big Data professionals with this particular skill set is on the rise while the supply remains low. This creates great job opportunities for individuals within this field. 

As the demand steadily increases and the supply remains low, Big Data professionals are getting paid more and more. In India, as it stands today, data analytics professionals are paid on average 50% more than their counterparts in other IT-based professions. This trend is evident across the globe as more and more companies realize just how important these professionals are to the organization. 

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