Top 3 Data Science Trends in 2022

Data Science Trends

With the COVID disrupting the IT industry around the world, companies had to adapt to the big changes in less time. This resulted in big investments in the field of Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. In this article, you’re going to read top data science trends in 2021.

As the dependency of businesses increases on Data Analytics to overcome challenges, the exponential growth of the companies is relying on these trending technologies. With the help of insightful data, companies are trying to make a mark in the market and getting success.

Data science is recently on a high rise, with the latest developments in different technologies and database domains. Managing this data can be tedious; however, multiple technological advancements can help utilize big data in many ways. Data Science has been contributory in the management and analytics behind such a huge amount of data; so one must stay updated with the Data Science Trends going on in the market.

In this article, we’re going to list down top Data Science trends in 2021.

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Data Science Trends

Data Science Trends in 2021

  • Evolution of Python Programming Language: Python programming language has been there since a long time, but as demand of Data Science grew in the market, Python became more popular among programmers. Python code is easy to read & understand and it supports a large number of Data Science libraries.

According to data by Stack Overflow, Python is the most popular search term on the Stack Overflow website.

  • Rise of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: It’s true that most companies still use traditional technologies while analyzing the big data or creating growth funnels. But the rise in amount of data has oppressed the companies to adapt to technological advancements within the internal process and automate the things to make it easier and understandable for all.

The use of Machine Learning models & algorithms has seen a significant increase in the last 2-3 years. Whereas, artificial intelligence is already taking a toll on various human jobs as one single AI-based bot can handle the work of hundreds of humans, all by itself.

  • Consumer Data Protection is a Hot Topic: After the scandals like Cambridge Analytica came into picture, terms like “Data Privacy” and “End-to-End Encryption” gained hype in the consumer market. With companies trying to compete each other for better data privacy terms for their users, we’re still not sure about who is the winners in this monkey-fighting.

Companies like Facebook and Google, who previously shared user data without any hesitation, have faced a huge backlash due to their data protection policies. This data privacy trend means that the user data will be harder to come by in the future.

You’re reading the article, Top 3 Data Science Trends in 2021.

As the terms like Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are trending in the 21st century, the demand in respective fields has also risen in the past 2 years. the vacancies like Data Analysts, Data Engineers, Data Scientists, ML Engineers, and Data Warehouse Managers are increasing on a daily basis.

In this video by Zepl, Zack Shainsky explains some more data science trends of 2021. Watch the video below:

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