Top 10 Most Useful Data Science Groups on LinkedIn

Data Science Groups on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most useful and productive platforms for job professionals. Used by more than 700 million users worldwide, LinkedIn provides an environment where job professionals can share their content in form of text posts, images, videos, articles, and documents. With the growing scope of data science, thousands of data professionals around the globe are connected with each other on LinkedIn via various Data Science Groups on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn groups are one of the best learning places where individuals from the same background share thoughts, do brainstorming and solve each other’s problems proactively.

You’re reading the article, Top 10 Data Science Groups on LinkedIn.

In this article, we’re going to provide you with the names and the links of the Top 10 Data Science Groups on LinkedIn that you can join and connect with like-minded people which can ultimately result in your career growth.

Before sharing the names & links of LinkedIn groups, let us convince you with the facts why you should join LinkedIn groups:

When you open LinkedIn, you get hundreds of posts from all your connections and mutual connections on your feed. These posts are random and everyone who posts anything gets shown on your feed in random order. Comparing your feed with LinkedIn groups, the groups are pretty much dedicated to any particular topic or domain and people will be posting relevant posts that you will find useful for your career growth.

You’re reading the article, Top 10 Data Science Groups on LinkedIn.

In the list below, you will find the names & links of the top 10 Data Science groups on LinkedIn that you can join:

1. Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning (479K Members)

2. Data Science Central (438K Members)

3. Big Data, Data Science, AI, IoT, Cyber Security & Blockchain (357K Members)

4. Data Mining, Statistics, Big Data, Data Visualization, AI, Machine Learning, and Data Science (288K Members)

5. Business Analyst Professional – BA, Analysis, Data Analyst, Data Scientist (269K Members)

6. Big Data 🟥 Data Science | Machine Learning | Deep Learning | Artificial Intelligence (149K Members)

7. Data Science Community (96K Members)

8. Artificial Intelligence | Deep Learning | Machine Learning (94K Members)

9. Python Data Science, Machine Learning, Graph, and Natural Language Processing (93K Members)

10. Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Blockchain, BI & Big Data Analytics (42K Members)

Most of the above-mentioned groups are moderated and free of spam content. You will find useful content in these groups. It might take a little time for your join request to get approved, but as soon as it gets approved, you can explore amazing content and connect with more people from the same profile as yours.

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Data Science Groups on LinkedIn

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