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Why you should learn data science in 2024?

Before getting into the discussion of why you learn data science, first, let us have a brief knowledge of what data science is? What is Data Science? A field of study where we study data with the help of multiple tools and technology to extract meaningful information. This meaningful information is used by companies of […]

How to switch to data science job roles from any background

Data Science Job We have already placed thousands of Professionals from various backgrounds in data science job roles. Switching to data science with the Right Skills, Right Certifications, and Approach is effortless. Our Students who are working in different data science job roles: Meet Some of them : These are few examples of candidates working […]

5 kind of analysis Data Analysts do to find amazing insights

Blinkit Data Analyst: Blinkit hires data analysts on a large scale. Not only blinkit , if you are applying for the data science job roles at e-commerce. You must have a project on e-commerce. This blog will focus from basic to advanced , how a data analyst find meaningful insights. 1. Understanding E-commerce Data: E-commerce […]

Pygame, a Python library to create your own game in 8 steps: Space Invader

We all know that Python is a general-purpose programming language with lakhs of libraries that can help you in various projects. These libraries are created to make our tasks easy and efficient in all fields like if we talk about calculations we have numpy, if we talk about the analysis we have pandas, if we […]

12 concepts to excel in Python to kickstart your career in Data Science

Before jumping to Python let us have a look at data science. We all can agree that data science has become one of the most famous and high-paying jobs with minimum requirements for any fresher from any background whether it is a BA, MA, MBA, B.Tech, BBA, BCA, etc from the last 5-6 years. This […]

13 reasons why Python can be your ultimate guide to the IT world?

Python was developed by Guido Von Rossum in the year 1992 and we all know that Python is the most demanding and rewarding programming language in today’s times. But before discussing it further, we all must agree that in today’s era, the IT industry has become an ocean of opportunities where you can enter and […]

The Future of AI and Its Impact on The Job Market

How AI has evolved in the past 10 years and what is the future of AI? Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made great strides in the past decade and is now more sophisticated and accessible than ever before. Over the last 10 years, AI has been transforming numerous industries and has become increasingly integrated into our […]

Python Miscellaneous Questions

Python Practice Questions Here are a few Python practice problem statements at a moderate difficulty level with solutions,: If you have solved all the problems I have mentioned, you have a good understanding of basic to intermediate level Python concepts, such as variables, data types, control structures, loops, functions, and some string and list manipulation. […]

Data Analyst vs Business Analyst – 5 Basic Differences

Data Analyst vs Business Analyst If you’re here to read this article, we’re assuming that you’ve already made up your mind to pursue data science as a career. There are multiple job profiles in data profession that you might be aware of. These are data analyst, data engineer, business analyst, data scientist, and BI analyst. […]

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