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15 Tips About Data Science From Industry Experts

15 Tips About Data Science Data science is a relatively new field that combines statistical analysis, computer science, and domain expertise to extract insights and knowledge from data. It has become increasingly important in recent years with the growth of data and the increasing ability to collect, store, and analyze it. There are many experts […]

50 Data Science Acronyms and Their Full Forms

Useful Data Science Acronyms In the era of minimalism, the IT field is also affected widely by the minimalist culture. Social media trends have started a new culture of using acronyms all around the internet. Acronyms are not new; they have been used in computer science since the beginning. In this article, we will share […]

Data Science in 2023: It’s not as complicated as you think

With many myths going around in the market about data science, you must have heard things like Data Science is complex, non-tech students can’t move to data field, and you need advanced maths for data science, etc. Is Data Science really that difficult? The answer is NO. Our article, 10 Popular Myths About Data Science: […]

How 2 get Hired in Data Science Domain?

Getting hired in the data science domain is easy when you take the proper steps. In 2012, when Harvard Business Review published an article saying, “Data Scientist is the Sexiest job of the 21st Century”, professionals in India had no idea what they were talking about. After 10 years, today, in 2022, here we are, […]

Python vs R: Which is better f0r Data Science?

Python vs R programming language Technological orders are changing, and the world is watching the wonders of Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, Cloud Technologies, and Data Science. We’re witnessing the most evolutionary times of the 21st century, where we can clearly see the shift from an offline to an online world. Among all the technologies mentioned […]

Which Industries Are Hiring Data Analysts?

Industries Hiring Data Analysts A data analyst is a professional who organizes, collects, and analyzes the raw data to extract useful business insights for growth. Data analysts are in demand across all the industries like healthcare, finance, education, information technology, and many more. In this article, we’re going to discuss which industries are hiring data […]

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