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Why you should learn data science in 2024?

Before getting into the discussion of why you learn data science, first, let us have a brief knowledge of what data science is? What is Data Science? A field of study where we study data with the help of multiple tools and technology to extract meaningful information. This meaningful information is used by companies of […]

Python: Create Guess the Word game in 6 steps

Python is a powerful multi-purpose programming language used by multiple giant companies. It has simple and easy-to-use syntax making it the perfect language for someone trying to learn computer programming for the first time Introduction to Python’s Guess the Word Game In this Project, we will create a program to create a guess the word […]

5 kind of analysis Data Analysts do to find amazing insights

Blinkit Data Analyst: Blinkit hires data analysts on a large scale. Not only blinkit , if you are applying for the data science job roles at e-commerce. You must have a project on e-commerce. This blog will focus from basic to advanced , how a data analyst find meaningful insights. 1. Understanding E-commerce Data: E-commerce […]

File Handling: Create your contacts book in a notepad in 7 steps

Why file handling? When we create a program and run it, the console screen displays the output but the console screen has a volatile memory like RAM which means it has limited memory to accumulate a huge amount of data. So to achieve this, the console screen removes the old data and shows a new […]

Data Science Dominance: 6 Dynamic Revolutions Reshaping Decision-Making in Finance

Before discussing data science in finance, let’s go back a few steps and understand finance first. Introduction: It doesn’t matter, if we are talking about the USA, England, Russia, India, Ukraine, or any other country in the world, every country’s finance sector is always the backbone of that country’s economy. The finance sector of a […]

Pygame, a Python library to create your own game in 8 steps: Space Invader

We all know that Python is a general-purpose programming language with lakhs of libraries that can help you in various projects. These libraries are created to make our tasks easy and efficient in all fields like if we talk about calculations we have numpy, if we talk about the analysis we have pandas, if we […]

Nested Lists: 10 Easy Steps for Student Management System

As we all know a list is a data type in Python that allows us to store multiple values/items of various data types in a single variable which also helps in handling huge amounts of data but still list alone is not sufficient in handling huge data so to solve this problem we use nested […]

12 concepts to excel in Python to kickstart your career in Data Science

Before jumping to Python let us have a look at data science. We all can agree that data science has become one of the most famous and high-paying jobs with minimum requirements for any fresher from any background whether it is a BA, MA, MBA, B.Tech, BBA, BCA, etc from the last 5-6 years. This […]

What is data science in simple words?

What is data science in simple words? Let’s understand what data science is in simple words with an example. Imagine you and your friends were debating on a single topic. The topic: Does Social Media Usage Impact Mental Health? Now you were saying it does and your friend said it is just a rumour. And […]

Hamming Distance 101: Easy Insights for Everyday Understanding”

Before discussing anything further let’s discuss What is Hamming Distance? The concept of Hamming distance was first given by an American mathematician named Richard Hamming in the year 1950. It is calculated between two equal-sized strings on behalf of non-similar alphabets. For example, the hamming distance between “RAT” and “SAT” is 1 because there is […]

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