Incredible Scope of Big Data Analytics in India in 2022

Big Data Analytics in India

In our previous articles, we’ve explained how much data must be there in order to be called Big Data. With the data, analytics comes as a compulsion. In this article, we’re going to discuss the scope of big data analytics in India.

If you’re willing to pursue your career as a Big Data Analyst in India, you must be curious about the skills, tools, technologies, salary packages, and scope of big data analytics in the Indian IT market.

In the last 3 years, there has been an almost 50% increase in the job vacancies in the Big Data domain. New tools and technologies are getting introduced, the amount of data is growing exponentially day by day and the demand for big data professionals is only increasing.

While the demand is increasing, but the supply is lower, the salary package packages in the big data domain are comparatively higher than that of other profiles. An average package for a Big Data Analyst Fresher in India is somewhere around 7.6 LPA.

The profiles of Big Data Analyst and Big Data Engineer are the ones that are most in-demand across the industries. Companies are paying huge packages to the working professionals who are skilled in big data tools and can handle huge amounts of unstructured & complex data to extract meaningful information, which can ultimately result in growing the company’s revenues.

Why Big Data Analytics?

According to the 3Vs of Big Data, the variety, volume, and velocity information requires a cost-effective, quick, and innovative type of processing. This much amount of data can give the companies more than expected growth if used in the right manner.

With millions of bytes of data getting produced each day, companies are willing to take a bet on people who can find out the voids for them and help them strategize their efforts based on relevant data.

Talking about the Indian market, it is one of the most volatile yet fastest growing IT markets on the globe. With more than 100 Unicorn companies, India holds the key to most of the best talent pools in the world. While the world is finding out the problems, India has started looking out for solutions.

However, this is a perfect time. If you’re one of the persons who are willing to transform their career and want to pursue big data analytics as a career option, it is the time.

Scope of Big Data Analytics

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