Placement Guarantee In Data Science Courses Are A Red Alert

Placement Guarantee:

Let’s start this blog with a story. 26-year-old Abhay lives in Noida, away from his family.No one in his family was supportive of his decision to move to Noida. His father assumed that his new job in Noida was only an excuse to get away from all the responsibilities. His father argued that he can get a good job here too, we don’t care how much you earn, I can run this family.

But Abhay knew that his father wasn’t earning much and is at the stage of bankruptcy. Abhay thought that in Noida he will work hard and climb the corporate ladder. But after working tirelessly in a call center for a year, he realized, he was only wasting his time. His salary was not even enough to survive in Noida, How childish it was to think that he could support his family.

One day, his childhood friend who was everything that Abhay wanted to be called him and told him about Data Science and Why he Should switch to this field.

Abhay looked for Data Science jobs and Salaries that they provided and after his research, he found out he had wasted his one year in the Call center. He decided to learn the skills and become Data Scientist.

But Abhay did a mistake, he was looking for courses that were guaranteeing placement in huge companies. He was looking for Data Science Job With Placement Guarantee or Data Science with Guaranteed Job.

He got a call from a company that assured him for Job part. He was easily convinced, he did not even ask about trainers or the Course curriculum. The course fee was 1.5 lakh. Abhay called his father and asked for money. Abhay told his father that it is the last time that I’m asking for money. This money will get me a job.

Abhay did not take a long time to understand that he had wasted his money. Trainers were not good, He could not understand half of what they said. There was no support system. It has been more than a month and he did not learn anything.

If I don’t know anything, how come they are assuring me of placement? It cost him 1.5 lakh and a month to understand what I’m trying to convey here.

Look, Data Scientists or Data analysts are in demand, but companies only hire people with skills. No institute or company can guarantee you a job beforehand. It is a scam, a fraud happening before our eyes and we are being fooled all the time.

Whenever there is a demand for any skills in companies and you want to learn them, you must do good research and go for a course that provides you skills, not fake promises.

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What should you look for in a Data Science Course?

Mentors :

Mentors are super important if you are really serious to get a job in data science. If trainers are corporate professionals who have already worked in the Data Science field, that is the thing you need to look for.

Course Curriculum :

Do good research before joining a course. You must have a fair idea of what tools and technologies are required to become a Data Scientist. Let me tell you some of the modules you must cover to become a Data Analyst:


Programming language is required to become a data scientist. If you are new to this field, you must look for a course that teaches python from scratch. Because you can only learn the rest of the skills and have command over it, only if you know python.

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2. Data Analysis Libraries(Numpy & Pandas)

Numpy and Pandas are libraries that data analysts use frequently. They are must-know libraries for data scientists. You have just learned python, now the next best thing for you is to jump into Data analysis with the help of NumPy and pandas.

Jobs For Numpy & Pandas: Click Here

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3. Data Visualization(Matplotlib & Seaborn)

Data Visualization comes after analysis. You will be using these libraries to detect trends, patterns, and insights from the data. These libraries are super easy to learn.

4. Statistical Exploration In Python:

Data exploration refers to the initial step in data analysis in which data analysts use data visualization and statistical techniques to describe dataset characterizations, such as size, quantity, and accuracy, in order to better understand the nature of the data.

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5.Apache Spark:

Data Scientists work on a huge amount of Data. It is known as Big Data. Apache Spark is used for large-scale data analytics. If you have learned this technology, there is no shortage of hiring for you.

Jobs For Big Data Developer: Click Here

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Companies need PowerBI Developer and if your course does not offer PowerBI for Data Scientists, You should question it.

Apart from all this, Machine learning and Statistics and a little bit of knowledge of SQL Are necessary.

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Quality of Live Sessions:

You must ask some questions to find out how sessions go, let me lay out a few questions for you?

Are these live sessions Interactive?

Can I Ask Questions During the sessions?

These things are important, if you cannot interact directly with the trainer, there is no use in live sessions at all. Go for recorded ones.

And the Last thing: Ask How are you going to support me in interviews?

Do you give a job Guarantee? Yes, we Do . Ok Deal.

This is not a way to go. Guarantees are fake, Everyone knows it, yet pretends not to know it. This is your Career. Start Asking the Right Questions.

How are you going to help me with interviews?

Will you do mock interviews?

Are you going to provide me any placement team?

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Is This a lot to take? Let me tell you a Simple Solution

Don’t go for big names, don’t go with courses that are basically looting you. Take your time and do good research, and come up with a course that offers Good Mentors and a Strong Curriculum.

you are reading data science courses with placement guarantee blog.

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placement guarantee

you were reading data science courses with placement guarantee blog.

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