How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For a Better Career Growth – Part 2

In Part 1 of the article, you learnt how to optimize your profile picture, cover picture and headline to make your profile look better than others. In this article, we’re going to cover the About Me, Education, Experience, and License & Certification section on your LinkedIn profile.

When you edit your LinkedIn profile, it gives you an option to show your current company & education on the top of your profile.

These things don’t really matter, however, it looks good on your profile if you mention your College/University name on the top of your profile. By mentioning the current company name on your profile’s header, your profile looks a little more mature and it affects your value in the sight of the person who is checking out your profile.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

In our opinion, mentioning your educational background and current company name on the header of your profile can get you better results than the people who have not mentioned it.

Under the header, you’re asked to enter a detailed description of yourself.

1. About: This section is one of the most important among all sections in your LinkedIn profile. It must contain all the information about you, your skills, tools you can operate, prior experience, and contact details.

Here is an example summary that will give you an idea about how to write a brief “About” on your LinkedIn profile:

I’m {Your Name}, a Credit Risk Executive currently by profession & a Data Science enthusiast. I’m open to working as a Sr. Data Analyst, Data Engineer, or Data Scientist.

I’m an avid learner, and I stay updated with the latest technologies in the data domain. I have a keen interest in the Finance sector and would love to work as a Data Analyst in the same.

I’m good in Python programming language and Python libraries like NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn. I’ve also worked on a few Machine Learning projects where I got to perform tasks on Scikit Learn.

In the past 3 months, I’ve also worked as a Data Analyst Intern at a Noida-based firm, Arbre Creations, where I learned various latest tools. I’m also good at working with Data Visualization tools like Microsoft Power BI & Tableau. I’m looking forward to working as a Data Analyst or Data Scientist at a reputed firm. 

If you think my profile can suit your requirements, DM me.

In case you still get confused about what to write in your “About” section, you can stay connected and wait for the next article, where we’ll share a few profiles to take your ideas from.

You’re reading the article, How to optimize your LinkedIn Profile.

2. Education: The “Education” tab on your LinkedIn profile gets important if you’re a student or a fresher. You must clearly mention the following things while updating your education:

  1. College/University Name: When you enter your college’s name on LinkedIn, it shows you the available profiles by your college’s names to select from. Select your college and move further.
  2. Degree/Diploma Name: You must clearly mention the degree or name of the diploma that you’ve pursued in college.
  3. Duration: The duration of your degree gets important as it shows how much time did you take to complete the degree or diploma program.

In the case of a working professional, you can choose to enter your educational background. If your background is from a top-tier college or university, you can showcase it on your profile. If you think that it doesn’t add value to your profile, you can consider skipping it.

3. Experience: This section on your LinkedIn profile is as important as oxygen for humans. Recruiters and employers judge you based on the things that you mention under the “Experience” tab.

The most important thing to focus on here is to explain everything that you’ve done in the past.

Let’s say you’ve been working as a sales professional in your past company. You’ll mention the company name, your employment type (full-time, part-time, or freelancer), job duration, and a detailed description of the tools, technologies, and activities that you’ve performed working into that time interval.

Also, mention your experience in the newest to oldest order, i.e., your latest experience must be showcased before all the other professional experiences.

4. License & Certifications: Under this tab, mention all the certifications that you’ve got by doing any online course, by giving any certification exam, or within any organization for your performance.

However, all the certifications from the third party are not as useful as it looks; you must mention the top certificates that you achieved from the top companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, LinkedIn, Data Bricks, IBM, etc.

Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

To learn more about how to mention your projects, skills and to know everything about Recommendations on your LinkedIn profile, stay connected and read our next article.

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