Why Internships Are Important In Data Science


Doing Internships, just after you have learned Data Science is one of the fastest ways to get a job and gain expertise. Data Science is a new field, You can learn Data Science but internships mean you are working with Data Scientists on real projects that help you in gaining insights. It also provides crucial information and knowledge you need in the world of Data.

Nowadays Internships come with stipends and certificates and that is a win-win situation for you. Internships are essential for gaining hands-on experience and are one of the best methods of adapting to job roles.

Internships also make other companies more likely to hire you, assuming that you are already trained in the job role.

There is one more thing that makes Internships really necessary for Data Analysts. There are many applications and methods that are domain-specific that are not covered in any learning programs. Suppose you are working as a data analyst in the healthcare sector. You will be using their applications for gathering data, some health care domain-specific methods to process the data and you will learn a lot about data that is used of Patients, and the activity we monitor.

Interns Learn Like No One

Interns are not expected by companies to do much and that is why interns learn like no one. They can learn from mistakes because they are allowed to do a few. Internship roles require interns to carry out tasks that only help them gain experience in the field.

Internship in a nutshell is the street knowledge in Data Science Field. You have learned python and various libraries but to actually put them in use is the real deal. That is why you do internships.

By learning other technologies from your internship, you will seem more alluring to employers who are also using the same systems or tools.

Domain Knowledge

Data Scientists work on a specific domain. When you will be working as an intern data analyst, you will gain domain expertise. Companies do look for skillsets in a Data analyst, but domain expertise is something that makes you apart from the crowd.

Now, if you have domain knowledge of the Healthcare industry, you are most welcome there but it does not mean you are less valuable in other sectors. For someone who has experience as a data analyst with real-life problems, you will stand apart anyways.

Freshers Get Out Of Job-Experience Loop

We all know this famous Loop:


Freshers face a hard time because of no-experience talk. Internships are a way to get out of this loop. If you have joined a company as an intern and worked on their projects, dealing with their clients, it is enough reason for employers to hire you.

Here is a little advice for freshers, even if you are not getting any stipend as an intern, it is okay to join as an intern data analyst. For freshers, the internship is an investment, where to earn knowledge to later convert it into real cash.

You Get To Know Your Circle

As an intern, you get to meet senior data scientists and data analysts and you make a circle that is going to help you to get the job that you want. connections that they bring to the table for you are something that goes a long way.

You know how LinkedIn works. Most job seekers get their jobs with LinkedIn member referrals.

According to indeed, Here are 12 reasons to look for an internship:

  1. Tests industry knowledge
  2. Helps you figure out your interests
  3. Creates new interests
  4. Connects you to industry professionals
  5. Allows you to learn in a safe environment
  6. allows you to get paid to learn
  7. Provides possible credit for your college degree
  8. Allows you to potentially gain more internship opportunities
  9. Creates a unique travel experience
  10. Inspires you to learn more about an industry
  11. Teaches you about the importance of work-life balance
  12. Introduces you to office politics

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