The Future is Here in 2022 & It is Definitely Data Science

The Future is Here & It is Data Science!

If you look back 20 years from now, all you are gonna remember is the video games, basic PlayStations, the rise of black and white mobile phones, coloured television sets, and MP3 players. Did you ever realize that we’ve already left all that and already living in the future?

Did you realize that the future that you were waiting for is actually here!

Taking you back to the 2000s, when mobile phones were just a new invention, the period was revolutionary. The desktops were all over there in the offices but they were not easily accessible to the common people.

Phones, personal computers, and other electronic devices had less memory power and storage. Times have changed and so has technology! In the last 20 years, mobile phones got smarter, computers became a part of our daily life, desktop culture is gone, laptops are everywhere, powerful storage devices are available in the market and almost 3-4 billion people are using the internet all over the globe on a daily basis.

Based on the above scenario, we can definitely say that the future is here.

Yes, the Future is Here! But Why Data Science?

With all the technological inventions, there comes a cost and that cost is your privacy. While everyone is spending their precious time of lives on social media sites, the amount of data being generated every minute is huge in amount.

Wich each text post you do on Facebook, each tweet, each photo or video on Instagram, each video call on WhatsApp, each movie you watch on OTT platforms, there generates a variety of data that gets stored somewhere in the cloud.

While billions of people have the access to the internet, every activity they perform on their mobile phone, personal computer, tablet, or smart tv, they create millions of packets of data at the same time.

The question is, How Data Science can relate to this?

Yes, the future is here! But why data science?

With this much amount of data, it gets really difficult for the companies to understand the data as the raw data is unstructured and is humongous in amount. Here comes the role of data science.

Data Professionals like data analysts, data scientists, data warehouse managers, machine learning engineers, and business intelligence analysts work on this unstructured data and extract useful insights from the data to make it structured and predictable.

With the help of data science technologies, data professionals help companies in extracting useful information for their company that can ultimately assist the company in the business growth.

You’re reading the article, The Future is Here & It is Data Science.

While an infinite amount of data gets generated, how can one understand the difference between the data and the big data! Here is your guide on How much data is called Big Data?

With the rise of advanced programming languages like Python, powerful tools like NumPy, Pandas, Power BI and Scikit Learn, we can already say that the future is here and we’re living into it.

If you have ever wondered how to move your career ahead in the field of data, we’re here to guide you step by step in your journey to becoming a data science professional.

Future is Here

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