5 Amazing Tips For a Data Scientist Resume

If you are going to pursue data science as a career, you must be excited to know what you must do in order to make an entry in the data domain. In this article, we’re going to share the guide about how does a data scientist resume look like !!!

Before going for an interview, you have to make sure that you attain all the skillset required for becoming a data scientist. To know what skills you need, you must read 5 Key Skills of Data Scientist.

Now, we’ll list down a few points for you to help you with resume building for your next data science interview.

You’re reading the article, How does a data scientist resume look like?

Data Scientist Resume Guide

1. Highlight Keywords: Before applying for any job, you must understand that all the jobs have different requirements of tools & skills. When you come across any job vacancy on the internet, make sure that you read the job description carefully.

If you think you’re a good fit for the job, you must customize your resume according to every job description that you apply for. The recruitment managers and HR managers generally look for the keywords in your resume that are mentioned in the job description.

Let’s say, if the company is asking for a Data Analyst proficient in Python libraries like NumPy and Pandas, you must mention NumPy & Pandas and highlight these words so that they catch the attention of the recruitment managers.

Here is an example image for your reference that shows how you should mention these skills and tools in the About/Intro section of your data scientist resume:

data scientist resume

You’re reading the article, How does a data scientist resume look like?

2. Describe Previous Experience: While mentioning your previous experience in the resume, make sure to mention all the previous experiences in the latest experience to the oldest experience order.

Mention the company name and your designation at the company. Also, mention the time period for which you have worked in the company.

Be specific about the work that you handled at the company and explain every single detail of your responsibilities in your previous companies. Here, we’re sharing an image that shows how you can mention all these details under your work experience:

data scientist resume - work experience

You’re reading the article, How does a data scientist resume look like?

3. Highlight Tools & Technical Skills: In order to get noticed by a recruitment manager, your resume must contain the skills & tools knowledge that is required by the company.

Highlight technical skills, name all the relevant tools that you have worked upon and other unique skills that you think might help the company in its growth.

Here is an image that shows how can you mention all these skills in your data scientist resume:

4. Projects: Companies always prefer those professionals who have worked on the related projects or tools in the past as mentioned in the job description.

If you’re a fresher in the data field, make sure to do an internship for a period of 3 months or 6 months in some company where you can get relevant experience in the data field.

If you’re an experienced working professional, you can mention all the client projects where you worked with data tools & technologies. In this image, you’ll find an idea of how to mention the projects in your data scientist resume:

data scientist resume - projects

You’re reading the article, How does a data scientist resume look like?

5. Showcase Your Achievements: A good data scientist is one who is curious, thoughtful, hardworking, and thinks differently from others.

You must showcase your technical achievements in form of awards & certifications in your resume.

data scientist resume

Here, we’re attaching a sample data scientist resume that will help you in creating a perfect resume for your next interview. Download here…

If you’re looking for Data Science Interview Tips, you can browse through our article. For more related news, follow our LinkedIn Page.

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