Data Science in 2023: It’s not as complicated as you think

Data Science

With many myths going around in the market about data science, you must have heard things like Data Science is complex, non-tech students can’t move to data field, and you need advanced maths for data science, etc.

Is Data Science really that difficult?

The answer is NO.

Our article, 10 Popular Myths About Data Science: Busted, explains the most popular myths going on in market about data field.

Anyone, whether they are from tech or a non-tech background, they can move into data field by learning relevant set of skills. The most important skills to get into data analytics are very few. These skills include data analysis, data cleaning, data mining, data collection, data processing, and data visualization.

You can enter into data field by having hand-on these skills in a proper manner and a practical knowledge. But, how will you learn these skills?

FYI, there are many tools in the market that perform tasks like data analysis and data visualization. In order to get a job in data analytics, first you have to figure out the most demanding tools that can get you a satisfying job and a good salary package.

To pursue your career in data analytics, here are the set of tools that you can start with:

  1. Python programming
  2. NumPy
  3. Pandas
  4. Matplotlib
  5. Seaborn
  6. SQL

To learn more about these tools, you can read our article: 5 Key Skills of Data Scientist – Console Flare Blog

Apart from these technical skills, do you need anything more?

If you’re a working professional, you’ll need relevant domain knowledge of the domain in which you’re going to work as a data professional. Let’s say, if you’ve worked in edtech sales for past 5 years, but, now you want to move into data science, your 5 years of experience in edtech can be pretty useful for the another edtech company where you’ll work as a data analyst.

If you’re a fresher and don’t have any prior experience, you must learn the tools and perform a few relevant projects of data analysis & data visualization in order to strengthen your profile.

Most common questions people ask about Data Science

Here are the 10 most common questions that most candidates ask before entering this field:

  1. I’m from a non-tech background. Can I learn data analytics?
  2. What is data science?
  3. Why should I choose it over other career options?
  4. How to enter this field?
  5. Is data the future, or is it just hype?
  6. Does data science need programming?
  7. What is data engineering?
  8. How can I become a data scientist?
  9. What is the starting salary for freshers?
  10. Do I need knowledge of maths for data science?

We understand that these questions are very obvious. To resolve your doubts about the topic, we’ve prepared answers for these questions. You can read our articles:

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