Data Science Cheat Sheets – Part 1

Here is the collection of data science cheat sheets that are going to help you in your technical interview for the profiles of a data analyst, data engineer, machine learning engineer, and data scientist.

Data Science Cheat Sheets

Data Science cheat sheets can help us learn & revise the concepts of statistics, programming languages, data analytics, and machine learning. It can help you ace assessment tests & technical interviews. It contains tricks, shortcuts, and functions.

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This two-part article is divided into topics:

  • Big Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Engineering
  • Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Deep Learning

1. Big Data: With social media companies like Meta, and others like Google in the market, it is estimated that about 463 exabytes of data will be generated each day globally by 2025. The Big Data market is growing frequently and the demand for big data analysts is increasing with it.

Here are some big data cheat sheets that will assist you in your next big data technical interview:

Hive Functions cheat sheet

Scala cheat sheet

Spark cheat sheet

Spark with sparkly

You’re reading the article, Data Science Cheat Sheets – Part 1.

2. Business Intelligence: Tools like Microsoft Power BI & Tableau are making it easy for companies to visualize their reports and understand the growth factors. Here are some business intelligence cheat sheets that can be useful for your next BI interview:

Business Intelligence cheat sheet

Data Science for business leaders cheat sheet

MS Excel cheat sheet

Power BI cheat sheet

Power BI: DAX cheat sheet

Tableau cheat sheet

You’re reading the article, Data Science Cheat Sheets – Part 1.

3. Data Analytics: Data and analytics are the two most trending terms of the 21st century. Since the 2010s, the demand for data professionals across the globe is reaching a new high. Due to the lack of skilled data analysts, the salaries for data professionals are handsome.

If you’re looking forward to exploring your career as a data analyst, here are some data analytics cheat sheets that are gonna help you in your technical round of interviews:

Python Cheat Sheets

Data Visualization: Bokeh cheat sheet
Importing Data cheat sheet
Matplotlib cheat sheet
NumPy cheat sheet
Pandas for Data Science cheat sheet
Pandas: Data Wrangling cheat sheet
Python For Data Science Cheat Sheet For Beginners cheat sheet
Python Seaborn cheat sheet
PySpark cheat sheet

R Programming Cheat Sheets

Advanced R cheat sheet
Cartography cheat sheet
Data import with readr, readxl, and googlesheets4 cheat sheet
Data transformation with dplyr cheat sheet
Data tidying with tidyr cheat sheet
Data visualization with ggplot2 cheat sheet
Dates and times with lubridate cheat sheet
Dynamic documents with rmarkdown cheat sheet
Factors with forcats cheat sheet
Python with R and reticulate cheat sheet
Tidyverse For Beginners cheat sheet
The data.table R Package cheat sheet
xts Cheat Sheet: Time Series in R cheat sheet

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4. Data Engineering: A data engineer profile is one of the most technical profiles in the data domain. A data engineer must be proficient in database management, ETL, processing big data, and automating data pipelines. With high-paying salary packages, data engineers are the most technical persons that you can find in any company.

Here are some cheat sheets for your next data engineer interview:

Apache Airflow cheat sheet
Apache Kafka cheat sheet
AWS Redshift cheat sheet
BigQuery cheat sheet
Data Engineering cheat sheet
Data Engineering on Microsoft Azure cheat sheet
DBT (data build tool) cheat sheet
Docker cheat sheet
Spark DataFrames in Python cheat sheet

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5. Data Structures & Algorithms: In any data science interview, the most commonly asked questions are about data structures & algorithms. These cheat sheets are created to make you revise the most complex sorting functions:

Big-O Complexity Chart
Common Data Structure Operations / Array Sorting Algorithms
Data Structures
Essential of Data Structures and Algorithms
Princeton: Algorithms and Data Structures

You’re reading the article, Data Science Cheat Sheets – Part 1.

6. Deep Learning: It is a branch of machine learning that deals with deep neural networks and advanced AI technologies. In the list below, you’re going to find some useful deep learning cheat sheets for your interview:

Deep Learning
Deep learning with Keras in R
Neural Network Architectures
Neural Network Graphs
Neural Network Cells
Neural Network Type with Diagram
Keras: Neural Networks in Python

Data Science Cheat Sheets

In the next part of the article, you’ll find some more cheat sheets of a few more data science topics that are going to help you in all data science profiles.

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