How Ed-Tech Industry Can Use Data Analytics

Data analytics is amazingly significant in the ed-tech industry. Tutors & learners around the globe have started using learning portals more than ever after the pandemic. In this article, we’re going to discuss the use of data analytics in the ed-tech industry.

Similarly, as the internet reformed the finance industry, data analytics has drastically changed the universe of online learning. Aside from the business perspective, the influence of data analytics in ed-tech companies has additionally enabled new opportunities to deal with two essential viewpoints: understanding their more grounded or more fragile focuses and directing them in investigating new areas of company growth.

In the previous article, we’ve discussed the use of Data Science in the Healthcare Industry. In this article, we’re going to discuss the role of Data Analytics in the Ed-tech industry.

Tony Sheehan, a senior data scientist at Gartner, says that the pandemic helped the course of ed-tech organizations, putting resources into and embracing ed-tech as most weren’t ready to deal with such a vast scope disturbance in the offline way of learning.

Data Analytics in Ed-tech

To accomplish the ed-tech boom, e-learning companies will need to quickly advance their ability, capacities, and culture to help the new system. The way to progress lies in utilizing data to shape bits of knowledge into useful business insights. This article investigates how ed-tech companies use the data to control their missions.

The data accumulated in the process is utilized to set up a customized and versatile learning way to assist the tutors & learners. The tutors can create more courses that the learners might like and the learners get more learning options to explore.

With the boom of ed-tech in India, the job opportunities for data professionals have also seen an upward curve. To explore more articles related to job opportunities, explore the Jobs section of our blog.

The meaning of online learning has risen quickly after the episode of Covid-19. Significant data was used to make calculations helping plan speciality applications and sites to survey the education industry and measure their scope. The fate of training is good to go for a critical change, and we require an incorporated learning methodology to open the capability of our society, guaranteeing a positive outcome for the education industry.

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Top Ed-tech companies in India

Here are a few top ed-tech companies in India that use data analytics to gain valuable insights and grow their business:

BYJU’s: The ed-tech giant has separated its data into qualitative and quantitative. They analyze the qualitative metrics during product development to incorporate information from research and student feedback into product design. BYJU’s delving follows it into quantitative metrics to study student satisfaction at a large scale after the product has been launched. This is one prominent example of how big data is pivotal to the world of education.

Ranjit Radhakrishnan, the chief product officer at BYJU, says that they consider student feedback while designing the app. Therefore, it addresses the students’ needs and takes them on a fascinating learning journey, supporting a personalized approach while making learning fun.

Udemy: To make tutors & students aware of trending topics, ed-tech giant Udemy uses data analytics. By analyzing the search data of learners on the site to locate trending topics and new areas of learning, it recommends to its users the relevant & most trending courses. The students look for relevant content. Managing Director of Udemy India, Mr Irwin Anand, makes a special mention of the Marketplace Insight tool. It helps instructors design new courses after assisting them to locate growth areas and new topics.

Data Analytics in Ed-Tech

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