Data Analytics For Digital Marketing – Part 1

In a world full of data, 21st-century marketers’ tasks are none less than that of a Data Analyst. In this article, we’re going to discuss Data Analytics for Digital Marketing. If you work in the Marketing domain and want to explore new horizons that can unprecedented improve your company’s sales performance, you must read this article.

The work of a digital marketing professional consists of tasks like keywords research, market research, competitor analysis, industry trends, optimization techniques, and a lot more. Within all these tasks, one thing always stays in common, i.e. data.

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With all the data available on the internet including thousands of opinions from various experts, it gets real muddy for a digital marketer to find out something relevant and useful for the business.

A few of you must have used tools like MS Excel, and PPT to organize your data as well as useful material, but these tools are none other beneficial than a pen-paper approach.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few amazing & useful tools for digital marketing professionals that might help you in finding the latest industry trends and setting up your efforts at useful places.

You’re reading the article, Data Analytics For Digital Marketing.

Useful Tools in Data Analytics For Digital Marketing

Before jumping into the tools, let’s focus on a few digital marketing activities that can find these tools useful in your day to day tasks.

  1. Keywords Research
  2. Web Analytics
  3. Search Console Analysis

In this part of the article, we’ll explain the most used tools for analysing the market in order to start these activities:

1. Keywords Research: While, this is one of the most basic and useful activities to perform in order to improve your ranking on the web, a lot of tools you might find useful for the same. Since SEO is a recurring activity and the digital marketing professionals have to perform the activities on a daily basis, Keywords research techniques and tools are improving on a daily basis, algorithms are changing and the professionals need to be aware of all these updates.

With thousands of tools available in the market, here we are listing 3 best keyword research tools that you can use to improve your business’ visibility and organic reach:

  1. Google Trends
  2. Uber Suggest
  3. Google Keywords Planner

You’re reading the article, Data Analytics For Digital Marketing.

2. Web Analytics: Before entering the market, every business owner must prepare to track the business insights and analytics in order to get a better understanding of the business performance.

The most used analytics tool in the market is none other than Google Analytics. It is one of the most detailed data analytics tools that anyone can use for free to get all the insights from their website. In order to use Google Analytics, you’ll have to log in with your Google account and connect your website with it.

After setting up, it shows you all the real-time as well as lifetime data with every detail that you may think of. You can track which are the most visited pages on your site, which locations are getting site most traffic, which devices are people using to visit your site, what is the user’s bounce time, what is the retention rate, and much more.

Google Analytics is one of the flagship tools from Google and is available for everyone at zero cost. 

You’re reading the article, Data Analytics For Digital Marketing.

3. Search Console Analysis: If you want to track which keywords are getting more traffic on your website, how many impressions your website got in a particular time frame, how many people visited your website in some particular time, you must go with the Google Search Console.

It is a Webmaster Tool of Google that is also available to everyone for free.

Among all the webmaster tools available in the market, Google Search Console is the most used webmaster tool all over the globe.

You’re reading the article, Data Analytics For Digital Marketing.

It also shows you if there are any errors on your website, if any page is not working, if you’re following all the standard measures in order to stand out in the crowd, if your website is device compatible or not, and much more.

All the data that you gather from these tools, can be put together and can be used to extract meaningful insights that can ultimately result in growing your business.

You’re reading the article, Data Analytics For Digital Marketing.

In this article, we’ve explained how Data Analytics can be used in the field of Search Engine Marketing. In the next article, we’ll discuss how to use Data Analytics over social media platforms and get the best out of it.

Data Analytics For Digital Marketing

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