How Console Flare Certification is Helping Learners Land Amazing Dream Jobs

In a recent conversation with three of our certified Console Flare learners, we asked about how this certification program helped them in achieving their career goals. In this article, we’re going to share the experience of our learners on how the Console Flare Certification program helped them land their dream jobs.

One of our learners, Disha Mukherjee, who was recently placed at PayU Money as a Big Data Engineer, shared her experience of learning at Console Flare. She said, “I was interested to learn new technologies. After searching online, I came across Console Flare and joined them. It becomes easy to learn the concepts with real-time virtual classes, where one can directly ask queries from the instructors without waiting for 24-48 hours of reply on emails or chatbots. On the weekend, they conduct various doubt clearing sessions too. The two months of training helped me a lot to brush up my skills on Pyspark, due to which

I landed my dream job at Bigspark. If you are one of those data-centric people who want to level up in 2022, you should go for Console Flare.”

Console Flare Certification - Disha Mukherjee

In a recent conversation with our second learner, Kumar Utkarsh Singh, who was placed as a Data Analyst at Ion Trading, Noida, he shared how the Console Flare Certification program helped him in gaining the knowledge of industry standards and how the course helped in achieving his dream data science certificate.

He shared, “The Apache Spark training from Console Flare was very helpful in introducing the industry standards of data manipulation. It was the course that gave me the confidence to appear for CCA-175 certification for a Spark developer.

Console Flare Certification - Kumar Utkarsh Singh

Our third certified learner, Jog Giri, who got placed at KPI Partners as a Data Engineer, shares how the Console Flare Certification course helped him learn all the necessary advanced tools & technologies for Big Data, Data Analysis, and Machine Learning.

He says, “I joined Console Flare’s Masters in Data Science course in July 2021. The course provided me in-depth knowledge of Python, Bigdata, PySpark, and Machine learning. The instructors guided me about Databricks and Power BI platform.

I joined KPI partners as a Data Engineer during the course.

The training stuff was very helpful in my interview and also in my professional life. Console Flare is best.

Console Flare Certification - Jog Giri

Hundreds of learners like Disha, Utkarsh, and Jog were able to land their dream jobs at top companies around the globe after completing the Console Flare Certification Program in Data Science.

Console Flare Certification Programs

If you’re a student pursuing graduation, a fresher candidate, or an experienced working professional who wants to upskill and grow their career as a data professional, you can explore these amazing industry-led certification programs by Console Flare:

1. Python For Data Analytics Console Flare Certification

2. Masters in Data Science With Power BI Console Flare Certification

Console Flare Certification Program

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