Are You From Commerce Background? Explore This Amazing Opportunity

While working with balance sheets, account management, or economics, you have a long way to go if you’re from a commerce background. In this article, we’re going to discuss the opportunities for professionals who want to grow their careers fast.

Coming with a no-reservation policy, the commerce domain is one of the most intelligent and less-explored fields out there in India.

When preparing for exams like CA & CPT, you may have thought to quit when the force was not with you, but did you really quit? No definitely not.

The reason for this is you don’t have more options to explore if you’re from a commerce background. Either, there are very high-paying jobs available in the market for professionals from commerce backgrounds or they are very less-paying. There is nothing in between.

This makes the commerce background one of the most versatile backgrounds of all.

If you’re interested in the finance sector, here is your guide.

Data Science For Commerce Students

This article is a guide for the students who are pursuing their studies or already working as professionals from the same background.

Here is your most-awaited answer.

Apart from being a Chartered accountant, you can choose to be a data analyst or a data scientist in the field of finance or economics. A data analyst or a data scientist is a person who is responsible for the growth of the company and works with the top management of the company in order to analyze the performance, results, and insights about the business as well as the industry.

What is the work of a data analyst/scientist?

A data analyst or a data scientist has been given unstructured and unsolved past data of the business as well as industry. Using programming languages like Python, and libraries like NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn, they extract the useful information from the data and present it in an understandable and interactive manner with the help of reporting tools like Microsoft Power BI.

If you’re thinking that how is it possible for a commerce student to move into the field of information technology without having any prior knowledge of any programming languages!!

FYI, there are hundreds of online courses available that can give you the knowledge that you need to become a data analyst. Here we are listing two such certification programs for you to explore if you’re willing to pursue your career as a data analyst or a data scientist.

  1. Python For Data Analytics Certification Program
  2. Masters in Data Science With Power BI Certification Program

In these certification programs, you’ll learn Python programming from the scratch and you don’t need any prior knowledge of any programming language to start with the course.

After completing Python programming, you’ll be introduced to the Python Libraries like NumPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn which will strengthen your knowledge of the data analysis.

After the data analytics, you’ll learn the big data analytics and will get to work with the large data sets. Also, machine learning will be there to help you analyze and predict the results based on the data. At last, you’ll get to operate an amazing tool by Microsoft, Power Business Intelligence, that will teach you to create interactive dynamic dashboards and reports based on the extracted data.

By the end of these courses, you’ll be ready for the profile of a data analyst.

Will Commerce Background Help?

Yes, definitely. When you work as a data professional, you are required to have the domain knowledge of that particular domain in which you’re working.

As a commerce student, you will have enough knowledge of accounts, finance, and economics. This knowledge helps you in getting a high-paying job at top companies across the globe.

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