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Data Science Dominance: 6 Dynamic Revolutions Reshaping Decision-Making in Finance

Before discussing data science in finance, let’s go back a few steps and understand finance first. Introduction: It doesn’t matter, if we are talking about the USA, England, Russia, India, Ukraine, or any other country in the world, every country’s finance sector is always the backbone of that country’s economy. The finance sector of a […]

13 reasons why Python can be your ultimate guide to the IT world?

Python was developed by Guido Von Rossum in the year 1992 and we all know that Python is the most demanding and rewarding programming language in today’s times. But before discussing it further, we all must agree that in today’s era, the IT industry has become an ocean of opportunities where you can enter and […]

Why Hershey’s needed 1 Big Data solution:

So before answering the question “Why does Hershey need a Big Data Solution?” Let us have a glimpse of the journey that Hershey traveled for so many years. What is Hershey, that we are talking about? Well, we are talking about The Hershey Company, often called Hershey’s. They have been in the business of manufacturing […]

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