Busted! 3 Popular Data Science Myths You Should Avoid

Transition into Data Science is easy but what makes it tough and scary is the myths revolving around it. In Past few years I have been hearing many common Data Science myths passing from one to another. Some popular ones are :

Data Science is Tough

You need a degree to become a Data Scientist.

And there are so many baseless opinions passing around about Data Science. Learning Data Science is your decision but at least have a valid reason behind it. In this blog, I will be busting many Data Science myths. So let’s start.

MYTH NUMBER 1:- You must have a Ph.D. Degree Or Computer Science Or Mathematics Or Statistics Or Programming Background To Become Data Scientist

data science myth

Fact: – NO.

I wish I could have gotten away with this bold NO. But this myth is going around for a while. Holding a P.hd Degree is commendable and having a programming background is only a little help but I have met many data analysts as well as data scientists with no such background.

Let’s Understand Why?

To understand this we must know the roles of data scientists in different categories :

  • Applied Data Science
  • Research

Most companies hire Data scientists for Applied Data Science roles. You do not need P.hd.for this role or any IT background. You need to have command of the necessary tools and libraries and some hands-on experience in some real-life data science projects.

Another Reason is Data Scientists are not only equipped with data science skills, but they do also have strong expertise in a domain.

  • Domain Expertise
  • Skillset

Not everyone with IT Background knows about the healthcare industry, Hence Those who are familiar with Healthcare or have work experience in that field are more welcome than any B.tech Graduate or P.hd Holder.

Data Science Myth 2: Data Science is for Geniuses.

Fact: NO

No, Data science is not for geniuses but for those who can put continuous effort and are open to learning new things. As a data analyst, one needs to know about the nuances of the data he is working on.

Data Science requires problem-solving skills. Though if it were only for geniuses, Companies would only be interviewing students from big universities. Well, Nowadays, All you need to become a Data Scientist, is to master skills and practice Real-life projects.

Data Science Myth Number 3: Data Science is Just a Hype.

Fact: No, It is not.

Data Science is not Hype, let’s have a look at these.

Data, for a company, is like a mine of gold. But the mine is big. Very Big.

And that is the reason, for, past few years, Companies are looking for Data Scientists. I can explain a few reasons why data science is not just hype.

As per Harvard Business Review, Data Scientist is the Sexiest Job of the 21st century. Here are the reasons why?

  • Anyone Can Become Data Scientist – It is not necessary to have a computer science background to become a data scientist. Anyone can become Data Scientist with the right source of learning and practice.
  • Growing Demand In Global Market – In India by 2025, There will be 137,630 data science job openings.
  • Unbeaten Salaries – Data Science pays and it pays very well. You can go here to know about Salaries in Data Science. You can also go through Glassdoor.
  • Evolving Field- Data Science is evolving quickly because of the increasing demand. New and exciting fields are emerging within this field including BIg Data, Artificial intelligence, and Machine Learning.
  • Easy to Grab a Job – Data Scientists are High in Demand Supply is low, which is why it is really easy to grab a job in this field.
  • They add value to the Business – Data being the most valuable asset to the company. Data Scientists play a very important role. They serve as a trusted advisor and strategic partner to their management.
  • You can use your current Domain Knowledge-Data Science has dominated almost all the industries of the world today. As such, Data Science has become fuel for the industries. There are various industries like banking, finance, and healthcare. So you can also use your domain expertise to become a data scientist.
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You can become Data Scientist. It is achievable. All you need to have is the right structured learning and motivation. Many of our students became data analysts in big companies like American Express, Clove Dental, Optum, and BigSpark.

You can also secure your first job as Data Analyst with the help of our Corporate Background trainers. Do look at our Courses here.

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