Best Data Science Course In Noida

best data science course in noida

Best Data Science Course In Noida

One of the smart decision that you can take is to switch your career to data science. Get to know best data science course in noida.

There will be around more than 11 million job openings in India by 2026.

Best data science course in noida

India ranks 2nd in data science recruitment all over the world.

Learning Data Science is Easy. We have helped thousands of Non-IT Professionals to switch to Data Science.

If you are living in Noida, You must have searched for Data science course in Noida and came across many Reputed Institutes. Although you can learn from anywhere but you must use your common sense and take a wise decision.

What Should you look for in a Data Science Course?

1. Gut Feeling (Do What your Heart Says)

Well this should be the last point but i have to put it here first. Just to let you know Sometimes It is better to go with the decision you think is right. But your gut feeling may not always be right so you should consider few other things also.

2. Go Through Curriculum (Devil is in the detail)

What not to learn is more important that what to learn. You do not want to waste your precious time and hard earned money to learn topics that is less demanding or having no need to start your career as a data analyst in your first job.

Remember It only Takes Few Skillsets To crack your Job as a Data Analyst:

  1. Python (World’s Most Easiest Programming Language)
  2. NumPy (Learn Numerical Computation With NumPy)
  3. Pandas (Learn Data Manipulation and Data Analysis)
  4. Matplotlib (Learn Data Visualization)
  5. Seaborn (Learn Advanced Data Visualization)
  6. SQL (Learn SQL For Transactional Query and Database Management)
  7. PySpark (Learn Spark to handle Big Data)
  8. DataBricks (Use DataBricks to run query and handle Computer Cluster)
  9. Azure Data Factory (Create Data Pipeline for Automation)
  10. Power BI (Learn Power BI For Interactive Reporting)

If you have covered these topics, You are eligible to become a Data Analyst , Data Engineer , Big Data Analyst , Power BI Developer . That’s it. It is not necessary to cover Tableau or you do not need to cover R Programming Language. You should cover skillset that has high demand in the market. Python has 80 percent market acceptance in Data Science and Power BI is most widely used BI Tool.

3. Mentors (Learn From Those Who have been there ,Done that)

It is not necessary to learn from the Mentors with big tags. Instead Find a trainer who can communicate his training to you. It is always better to talk to mentors or join a webinar , before attending the session. If you can communicate to him, understand him and his teaching techniques , It is a green flag.

4. Certifications (Earn the Certifications , Don’t Buy it.)

Now a days , you can earn certifications without even learning anything. Stop paying for certificates that you haven’t earned but purchased. Hiring managers can always tell the difference between earned certificates and paid ones.

One certificate that may help you in getting data science job roles is :

The Azure Data Fundamentals DP-900 certification is an entry-level certification offered by Microsoft that is designed to validate an individual’s knowledge of fundamental concepts related to data and data services in the Azure cloud platform.

5. What Problems are Real World Problems (Did you really Solve real world problems ? )

If you have been researching about data science , you will find there are not many real projects that can add real values to your portfolio. But as a fresher or new to data science , it is easy to get lost in big terms and fall for the projects that are not relevant anymore.

If you really want to understand what kind of project you should do , Go through following:

Job Guarantee Doesn’t Exist (Don’t Underestimate the Power Of Genuine Support Though)

Let’s face the real truth , It is not possible to get Data Science job just because someone said few good things about you. No company will skip its shortlisting and interview process.

But good institutes can provide best support in many ways. There are professionals who have served number of years in the industry. They can provide you the best support from Resume to Placement.

We at Console flare , believe each penny is hard – earned. And you do not spend it to get nothing. Connect to us at console flare. The best data science course in noida.

Get to know the roadmap to become highly skilled and get a better job role in data science.

We have proved ourselves not only the best data science course in noida , But all around india.

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