All About Data Science Professionals

data science professionals

With the rise of social media networks and availability of the internet, you must have come across the terms like Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Machine Learning Engineer or Business Intelligence Analyst. In this article, we’re going to discuss all about data science professionals, their skills, and salary packages.

Starting with the basic, data science is a field of study that talks about data, its uses, applications, analysis, and prediction. The best thing about data science is that anyone can pursue their career as data science professionals regardless of their previous education or working backgrounds.

Anyone from any field can move into the field of data analysis and earn a 6-figure salary without any prior knowledge of programming languages. If you’re willing to pursue your career as data science professionals, you can explore these amazing certification programs by Console Flare that trains you from scratch and make you ready for data profiles:

  1. Python for Data Analytics Certification Program
  2. Masters in Data Science With Power BI Certification Program

When you enter into the field of data science, you can pursue your career for the following profiles

  1. Data Analyst
  2. Data Engineer
  3. Business Analyst
  4. Machine Learning Engineer
  5. Data Scientist

You’re reading the article, All About Data Science Professionals.

All About Data Science Professionals

  1. Data Analyst: This is an initial level profile in the data field and the skills of a data analyst contain the knowledge of a programming language like Python or R, data analysis libraries like Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and Seaborn. The average salary of a data analyst is between 4 to 7 lacs INR across the companies.
  2. Data Engineer: A Data Engineer must have knowledge of data analytics tools as well as data visualization tools. The average salary of a data engineer is somewhere between 8 to 14 lacs INR.
  3. Business Analyst: A Business Analyst’s skills include data visualization tools, programming language, data reporting tools like Tableau or Power BI. The average salary for a business analyst is between 6 to 14 lacs INR across domains.
  4. Machine Learning Engineer: A Machine Learning Engineer must have good knowledge of statistics, machine learning tools like Scikit Learn, and programming languages. The average salary of an ML Engineer is around 10 to 30 lacs INR according to their experience.
  5. Data Scientist: The skills of a data scientist is a combination of all the skills of all the above mentioned technologies & tools. Data Scientist is the most senior position in the field of data and the average salary of a data scientist is somewhere between 15 to 50 lacs INR.
data science professionals

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