5 Proven Hacks to Crack an IT Interview

5 Proven Hacks For Interview

When you go for an interview in an IT company, there are a lot of questions that you get asked. This article covers 5 Proven Hacks to get you through a successful IT interview.

Any interview in an IT company consists of 2 rounds:

1. HR Round

2. Technical Round

5 Proven Hacks to Crack Your Next IT Interview

1. HR Round: In this round, the Human Resource Manager handles the interview process and then forward your resume to the technical round.

In the HR round, the HR manager discusses your basic details, qualifications, notice period, current employment, and job eligibility.

If you fit in the parameters of the HR interview, you get passed to the next round.

Here comes the real deal in the technical round.

2. Technical Round: While things are pretty clear, it is very obvious that this round covers all the technical aspects of the job that you’ve applied for.

In this round, you get asked about all of your past projects, experience, and technical skills that you attain.

Above all that, getting selected for a job interview in IT companies is getting difficult with each passing day. As the population grows, and the supply for engineers hit its peak, it gets really complicated for the HR manager to choose the best resumes among the heap.

In the previous articles, we’ve explained how to optimize your LinkedIn Profile for better career growth. In this article, you’ll learn 5 Proven Hacks to crack your next IT interview.

5 Proven Hacks For an IT Interview

Here are the 5 proven hacks that you should follow in order to get the best out of your interview:

1. Less Notice Period

2. Highlight Keywords in Resume

3. Get a Few Mock Interviews

4. Improve Tell Me About Yourself

5. Experience & Projects Matter

You’re reading the article, 5 Proven Hacks to crack your next IT interview.

  1. Less Notice Period: Companies always prefer those candidates who can join immedietly. If you’re a fresher or have left your previous job already, you’ll be given preference due to your less notice period. If you’re a working professional, make sure that your notice period does not exceedes a time period of 30 days.
  2. Highlight Keywords in Resume: For your information, your resume only gets selected if you’ve thoroughlly read the job description for which you’re applying for and have mentioned related keywords in your resume.
  3. Get a Few Mock Interviews: Before going for a real interview, you must consider scheduling a few mock interviews in order to analyze your skills, do your SWOT analysis, and prepare better to boost your confidence for your interview. Visit our previous article where we have described 3 Amazing Mock Interview Websites To Help You Land A High-Paying Job.
  4. Improve Tell Me About Yourself: In an IT interview, the first questions that gets asked very often is “Tell Me About Yourself”. While most of the freshers reply to that questions by sharing their basic details like their name, education, hobbies, interests, etc. One thing to understand here is that the interviewer have no interest in your details, rather he is more interested in what you know. So, instead of giving your basic details, you just have to explain about your skills, experience, projects you’ve done in the past, and what are you looking for in the future.
  5. Experience & Projects Matter: When asked about your experience, you should be describing the exact tools & technologies that you have worked upon. Explain your skills and what you’re capable of, and your experience in the precious companies as the name of the projects that you’ve worked on and their brief, with the time duration for which you’ve worked on that project.
5 Proven Hacks For Interview

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These 5 tricks are industry proven and can help you a lot in cracking your next job interview. To get such more tricks & tips, follow our LinkedIn Page.

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