5 Useful Machine Learning Project Ideas

Machine learning is broad and appropriate in many fields. So you may get lost attempting to track down traction as an amateur. Regardless, taking up projects while learning assists you with translating your inclinations and spotlight in a particular way. This article will discuss 5 Machine learning project ideas that you can create if you are a college student or a beginner.

Also, it allows you to dive more deeply into the standard AI work process.

Here, we will show you the absolute best fledgling task thoughts that will assist you with jumping further into the low down of Machine learning.

You are reading the article, 5 Machine Learning Project Ideas For Beginners.

Machine Learning Project Ideas

5 Machine Learning Project Ideas

1. Image Recognition

Technologies like facial recognition and image recognition might seem like magic. However, when you get yourself engrossed in a DIY image recognition project, you will soon realize that creating one is easier than you might have thought.

Moreover, we have a large amount of image processing machine learning libraries at your disposal. TensorFlow is one such library that offers versatile resources for image modelling.

You are reading the article, 5 Machine Learning Project Ideas For Beginners.

2. Cancer Classification & Prediction

Cancer classification is an interesting angle, especially if you are interested in applying your machine learning knowledge in a medical domain like bioinformatics.

The data would typically contain standard metrics for deciding whether a tumour is benign or malignant. We use this data to create a pattern that classifies new cancer cases into the appropriate category using the same metrics. 

Moreover, if you want to add to the existing knowledge, you can take this project of yours deeper by diving into cancer predictions. Here, you can use patterns & algorithms like Support Vector Machines (SVMs) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) to achieve your goal.

You are reading the article, 5 Machine Learning Project Ideas For Beginners.

3. Stock Price Prediction

The stock market is volatile, and the prices are dependent on various factors. Determining a profitable stock can sometimes be a difficult task for investors.

Because you are learning the basic concepts of machine learning and, at the same time, solving a financial problem, this project is worth your time.

The dataset should contain various stock information and how they have changed over time. Because it is a more efficient learning pattern, your model will use this data to predict if a stock will fall or rise at a certain point in time.

So it is also related to a time series analysis as your model will forecast future outcomes.

You are reading the article, 5 Machine Learning Project Ideas For Beginners.

4. Recommendation System Using Python

In the era of the internet, you must have come across a recommendation system while browsing or using apps like YouTube and Netflix.

Most advertising platforms on the internet also use it to filter ads that you see—and sometimes, it feels like the internet knows what you are thinking.

In most cases, based on what you search on the internet very frequently, a system might learn about your content preferences. It then uses this to recommend relevant content that may interest you.

Yours may not be as complex. However, you can build something pretty essential to get started.

In order to build a product recommender, you need data about products and people’s perceptions about them. This data, of course, might include the number of positive and negative reviews, the product niche, the number of buys, and more.

You are reading the article, 5 Machine Learning Project Ideas For Beginners.

5. Fake News Detection

It is no news that fake and authentic news flies around the web. However, both have unique pointers and attributes in either category.

Because you are dealing with plain texts, finding a unique descriptive pattern for both news types might give you headway in achieving your aim.

You must select your feature carefully to avoid overfitting or underfitting your model.

Machine Learning Project Ideas

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