For An Amazing Job opportunity, You Can Explore These 3 Websites

If you’re looking for a job opportunity in the field of IT, Management, Finance, Operations, or Marketing, and not sure where to find one, this article will explain 3 useful websites that you can explore in order to get a good job opportunity.

There are thousands of resources available online nowadays where you can find job vacancies for your profile, but most of them are not useful enough. Since most of the job vacancies are available to the public, thousands of candidates apply to each job profile in a single day.

It gets difficult for your resume to even get noticed among thousands.

Where to find amazing job opportunity

Here we are listing 3 exclusive websites that you can explore and get the most demanding job opportunity. Here are 3 such websites:

  1. Hirect
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Google

Now, we’ll explain all the 3 websites and how these can be useful for your career growth:

1. Hirect: Hirect is an amazing Bengaluru-based job platform that connects employers, startup founders, business owners, recruiters, and HR heads with candidates and job-seekers.

It is an AI-based portal that helps in taking quick decisions for job-seekers & employers. Hirect’s viral marketing campaigns all around India caught the eyes of almost all the job professionals since the last year.

Hirect gives its users the ability to create their profile, enter their skills, select their job preferences, locations, and chat with the relevant users.

HR managers, startup founders, and recruiters post the job vacancies for their company and any candidate who finds that vacancy useful, can apply to the job directly from their app or even can chat with the HR managers, or recruiters.

Hirect’s rise in India’s market has changed the way people used to find jobs online. If you’re a job-seeker who needs a job, or a company that need candidates, can download the Hirect app from the Google Playstore or App Store and start their journey with finding the right match for you.

You can also visit Hirect’s website and do the same.

2. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is one of the most used job portals in the era of the internet. It is a US-based social media platform for working professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs, and creators.

 You can browse LinkedIn through a web browser or download their app on your mobile.

When you create your profile on LinkedIn and fill in all your details, its AI-based algorithms start to show you the relevant job opportunities that match your skills.

Companies can create their page on LinkedIn and post job opportunities with all the requirements. Their vacancy gets shown to the relevant people and they start applying to that job opportunity.

Job-seekers can also find the name of the person who posts the job, and can directly connect and chat with them.

LinkedIn is totally free of cost but they have some Premium plans too. If you purchase LinkedIn Premium, you get a lot of additional capabilities and visibility on LinkedIn.

In our previous articles, we’ve explained How to optimize your LinkedIn profile for better career growth.

3. Google: Talk about anything related to the internet, and Google’s name surely comes into the picture. Job search on Google is easy as A, B, C. 

Just open Google and enter your keyword. For example, If you’re looking for a job as a Python Developer, just type python developer jobs on Google and you’ll be presented with all the job opportunities available in the top companies.

Google is a search engine and it lists job opportunities from all over the internet. For every website that posts a job opportunity for any job profile, Google shows that opportunity in their searches based on the traffic and relevancy of the job post.

If you’re a job-seeker and are confused about where to find the relevant job opportunity, you can explore all these 3 websites and get a chance to bag a handsome package.

Job Opportunity

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