3 Ways To Practice Python Like Never Before

practice python

Practice Python Like never before.

So you are learning Python? Learning all the Syntaxes and tools and libraries, but when trying to solve a problem, you get stuck.

Learning Python is easy but if you really want to excel in this language, you must practice.

Let me introduce you to some of the best ways, so you can practice python and track your progress in interesting ways.

I have learned programming language by mastering its basic concepts but that was not the end. You must Practice and Practice as well as improve your logic-building ability and should be able to play with the concepts of programming.

I have learned programming using these 3 ways and it turned out good for me. As a beginner, You must try to improve yourself step by step, and this blog will cover how you can learn python in more interesting way.

1.Practice Python with the help of Quiz and Exercises


You will fall in love as soon as you open this training platform. It is beautifully designed for beginners to code and competes with other Pythonista. It also offers Python Elo points, which makes practicing more exciting.

Source: finxter


CheckiO gives you an opportunity to improve your coding skills in a fun way while you are learning coding in your class. The idea was to give classrooms in real life an additional resource. One where teachers and students could see their progress and learn from one another.

Who says learning python is boring ??? Just look at this. Source: checkio


PySchools is a Python Tutorial webpage created using Google App Engine. This is a webpage for beginners to learn the Python programming language. We believe the best way to learn a programming language is through practice.

Source: Pyschools


HackerRank is the market-leading technical assessment and remote interview solution for hiring developers. Learn how to hire technical talent from anywhere!

2.Improve Your Coding Style

Python Style Checker

Python Style Checker is an educative online tool to rate your Python style (with dynamic score computation and hints).

3.Keep cheatsheets of Python with you always

For a beginner who is learning python, it is easy to forget basic syntaxes and tools. But no worry, You can find all of the cheatsheets of python in a single place.

You can easily download it from here.

If you follow these steps , you will not only learn python but learn python in right way.

If you want to learn python through books , you can find books rated by popularity and rating on PythonBooks.

You can also find list of Free python books on PythonFreeBooks.

To get updated all the time about Python , Follow python.org

I have tried to cover everything in this blog , that will help you master python. But learning only python won’t do anything significant in your career. If you know python , you can put your foot in the world of Data Science and AI , Machine Learning. Python is only a door towards the beautiful career that awaits you. If you have learned python and wants to learn Data Science or if You are new to programming and wants to switch your career , You can join our course Masters in Data Science with PowerBI, That is designed for beginners .

You can download our Brochure from here :

You can learn Python and Data Science with no required prerequisites. Hope you liked the information i have given you in this blog. If any query do reach us at ConsoleFlare. Good day.

Practice Python Practice Python Practice Python

Practice Python Practice Python Practice Python

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