3 Ways to Get an Amazing Job at Microsoft

Somewhere across your journey toward being an IT engineer, you must have thought about getting a job at Microsoft, at least once in your life. But you’re not sure how to apply or where to apply!

In this article, we’re going to guide you on how to land a high-paying job at top companies like Microsoft & Google. In our previous article, we discussed how can you explore your career at Google.

Companies like Microsoft are dream companies for most software engineers. Whether you are getting a high salary package at companies like Accenture, Infosys, or IBM, at some point in time, your desires take a U-turn and you crave success and satisfaction rather than money.

With the skills you attain, you want to work at tech giants like Microsoft & Google. But do you really think that is enough? Probably not.

People working at Microsoft are not just any people, they are the brightest IT engineers that the earth has ever produced. Employees at Microsoft are the most intelligent and creative people who have already achieved great heights and have great experience in their respective fields.

In this article, we’re going to tell you about what steps must you take in order to get a job at Microsoft.

Steps to Take to Get a Job at Microsoft

Here, we’re listing a few points which you must follow to take the first step toward getting a high-paying and satisfactory job at Microsoft:

  1. Optimize your LinkedIn Profile according to Industry-standards
  2. Update Your Resume to Latest Industry-standards
  3. Upskill Yourself With Latest Tools & Technologies

There may be a lot of points of view on every factor that you read or listen to but these are the best-proven hacks that you will ever come across.

How to Apply For a Job at Microsoft

There are 3 ways in which you can apply for a job at Microsoft.

  1. Careers at Microsoft: This is the official career page of Microsoft where all the latest job vacancies are listed. Whether you are a student looking for an internship, a recent graduate looking for a fresher job, or an experienced professional looking to upscale your career, you can visit the Microsoft Careers website and apply directly from there.
  2. LinkedIn Jobs: You must be well-aware of the social media site for professionals, LinkedIn. All the companies including Microsoft list their job vacancies on LinkedIn. If you visit the official Microsoft page on LinkedIn, you will find a lot of job opportunities in their Jobs section. You can apply directly from there itself. In some cases, if your profile is strong enough for Microsoft, they directly contact you on LinkedIn.
  3. Employee Reference: If you’re active on LinkedIn, you can connect with the employees who are already working at Microsoft. Engage in small chats with them and humbly ask for their reference in the company. Ask them to forward your resume to the HR managers or relevant people at the company. Reference resumes always get priority over those who apply directly.
Get a Job at Microsoft

Hope you enjoyed reading the article, 3 ways to get a job at Microsoft. For more latest industry news, visit our LinkedIn Page.

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