3 Reasons SQL is Important To Learn

Learn SQL

Structured Query Language, often known as SQL, is a domain-specific programming language used to manage data held in a relational database management system.

Developed by Donald D.Chamberlin in the 1970s, Structured Query Language or most commonly known as SQL is one of the most common programming languages used to manipulate, store, update and retrieve data from a relational database. SQL is pronounced as S-Q-L, or also as ‘Sequel’ and has been classified is a standard language for dealing with relatinal databases. Structured Query language is used to perform various tasks within the database. These tasks can be like update, modify, or delete the database records.

In Structured Query language, data is stored within the databases which consist of various tables. Within these tables, there are multiple rows & columns which are generally used to store different types of records.

If you’re willing to work in the field of data, knowledge of Structured Query language is must-needed. Apart from storing the data, the application of Structured Query language in present day are expanding due to the rise of data science. While SQL was the speciality of data analysts, and programmers in the past, it’s being useful for non-tech workforce as well in today’s scenario.

Reasons to Learn SQL

Here are the 3 reasons why you should learn SQL:

1. Structured Query language is easy to learn

Unlike any other programming language, SQL is comparatively easy to learn. Most of the Structured Query language queries relies upon simple english language that are easy to remember as well.

Structured Query language becomes difficult when you come from a technical background. After learning other programming language, if you try to learn SQL, it somehow create confusions due to its simple structure. The language is best to learn if you’re coming from a non-tech background.

While you invest much time as you want to learn the SQL, a basic knowledge of Structured Query language is more than enough for most of the tasks that get performed in most companies.

2. Structured Query language is most demanding skill in data field

Among all the skills you need to learn to become a data science professional, Structured Query language is a skill which is most in-demand skill that you can learn.

Of all the jobs in data field, more than 35% jobs vacancies are of Structured Query language. On the rest 65% comes skills like Python, Hadoop, Machine Learning, Spark, Scala, and R language.

If you want to learn Structured Query language, you can opt for Console Flare’s Masters in Data Science with Power BI program.

3. It’s easy to troubleshoot in SQL

With SQL, you don’t get big confusing errors like other programming languages. In the Structured Query language errors, it is clearly shown that “you’re getting this error because this particular issue on this particular line.”

You can easily troubleshoot the issues and find the exact problem in your query/command.

You can visit the official website of SQL for more details.

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