Grab an Amazing Data Science Job When You Do a 3 Month Internship

Data analysts & data scientists are one of the smartest people in any company. As per the Harvard Business Review, Data Scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st century among all data science job profiles. In this article, we’re going to discuss how a 3-month internship in the data field can land you an amazing data science job as a fresher.

Let’s say you’re a fresher and willing to become a data analyst, you learned a few tools and a programming language for data analysis, but is that enough to get you into a good data science job?

The answer is NO. Until you have experience with real-time projects, knowledge of any tools and technologies won’t even matter.

The question is how you’re gonna gain experience without a job!! That’s weird. That’s a loop. For a job, you need experience and for experience, you need a job. Weird, isn’t it?

To save you the trouble here’s the answer and the answer is “Internship”. If you’re a fresher who has gained enough knowledge on data analysis tools & technologies, a 3-month internship at a good company is the only thing that you need in order to get an amazing data science job.

Why Internship is Important For a Data Science Job

The experience of doing real-time live projects and the knowledge of how to solve problems is what sets you apart in the field of data science. When you apply for a data science job, you’re not shortlisted on the basis of how many skills you have or how many tools you can operate, it is the real-life experience on the projects that make you unique in a data science job.

Companies don’t look for only an employee who can follow orders and complete the given tasks, they see the smartness in a candidate when they hire a data analyst or a data scientist.

As a fresher, when you do an at least 3-month internship on the live projects, your set of skills takes a new mould and you don’t sound like a fresher anymore. Working on live projects not only gives you experience but also gives you domain knowledge.

Data Science Job

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