3 Amazing Mock Interview Websites To Help You Land a High-Paying Job

While preparing for your next interview, a lot of questions might occur in your mind. This gets really stressful when you’re a fresher. In this article, we’re going to brighten up your day and will tell you about 3 websites where you can schedule your Mock Interviews with experts from all over the globe.

You browse the internet to get answers to your questions, you ask for opinions of the professionals from the related domains, you watch YouTube videos, still, you don’t get the exact idea about what kind of questions will be asked in your next interview.

Mock Interviews are necessary for you to overcome the phobia of an interview. Before going for a real interview, you can Sign Up on these websites and connect with professionals from the same background and schedule your next interview with them in order to understand the industry standards.

Whether you’re a fresher, an experienced professional, or a student going for their first interview, these platforms have all kinds of candidates that are relevant to your field and can help you prepare for the interviews, based on real-time problems.

In the previous articles, you learnt how to optimize your LinkedIn profile for better career growth. In this article, you’re going to know about the 3 Mock Interview websites that can help you land high-paying jobs across all industries.

3 Websites For Mock Interview

Here is the list of 3 such websites:

  1. Interview Bit (Visit Website)
  2. Interview Buddy (Visit Website)
  3. My Interview Practice (Visit Website)

We’ll take you through all the websites one by one and help you clear your doubts about which one is the best for you to crack your next interview.

1. Interview Bit: It is a Mock Interview website by a well-known IT company, Scaler. 

mock interview- Interview Bit

It has a huge userbase with 10000+ interviews already been conducted and 20K+ assessments already taken. This website can help you prepare for almost all the trending and most-demanded technologies in the market.

Whether you’re going for an interview as an Angular developer, React JS developer, Python developer, Data Analyst, SQL developer or Android developer, Software testing, and a Networker, Interview Bit has users from almost all the profiles.

The best thing about it is, you get 1:1 interviews with your peers and can get personalized feedback reports with the solutions.

To start with, you need to Sign Up on the website, enter your details, skills, preferences, and update your profile (technology for which you’re going to an interview). 

Based on your profile, you’ll be matched with relevant peers anonymously and your interview will be scheduled. Both you and your peer can take chances one-by-one to ask relevant questions for your profile that can help you prepare for your upcoming interview in a well-versed manner.

The mock interview service is totally free of cost at Interview Bit.

You’re reading the article, 3 Mock Interview websites to help you land high-paying jobs.

2. Interview Buddy: If you’re looking to enhance your skills as well as clear doubts before appearing in a real interview, you can go to Interview Buddy and schedule mock interviews in your relevant domain with experts having experience of 9+ years in the industry.

Unlike Interview Bit, Interview Buddy don’t anonymously match your profile with your peers, but you get a face-to-face interview with the professionals from Interview Buddy at your preferred time slot and date.

You do not need to download any software for the mock interviews. Also, you can get instant feedback as a report card based on your mock interview. You also get the recording of your mock interview in order to help you understand where you went wrong and what can you improve.

In the Interview Buddy, you get curated resources like Interview Bit for all the technologies, to learn the proven tips & tricks for your interview.

Mock Interview - Interview Buddy

Interview Buddy has 3 paid plans. Sign Up to the website and purchase your preferred plan. After purchasing a paid plan, you need to update your profile with all the necessary details. Choose your preferred time slot and date, and you’ll be informed about your mock interview via email.

3. My Interview Practice: This is a mock interview practice website and has 3 paid plans to choose from. To overcome the pressure of an interview, Sign Up on the My Interview Practice website and schedule unlimited interviews with the industry professionals, anytime, anywhere.

You can also get recorded responses for your mock interview and analyze your performance.

This website provides simulated interviews that you can conduct on your own. No need to schedule, commute, or meet in person with anyone.

My Interview Practice - Mock Interview

Offering interviews in more than 120 job titles across various industries, this website can help you land your dream job with ease.

To start for your next interview preparation, you can go with the Interview Bit (since it is a free service) and start working on your skills, get feedback, work on your performance, analyze your skills and get an idea about your strengths & weakness.

When you get confident and feel the need to connect the professionals from all around the globe, you can choose between Interview Buddy & My Interview Practice at your convenience.

3 Amazing Mock Interview Websites

In the previous articles, you got to learn How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile For Better Career growth. In the next article, we’ll guide you about How To Prepare Your Resume in order to get noticed by the top companies.

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