10 Useful Data Science Interview Questions

Companies all over the globe have started understanding the importance of data in business growth. The demand for data professionals is increasing and companies are hiring data analysts, database managers, data engineers, and data scientists more frequently than ever. To help you pursue your career as a data professional, here is a basic guide of 10 data science interview questions that get asked in almost all data science interviews.

According to the Harvard Business Review data scientist is the “Sexiest Job of the 21st Century”, and IBM estimates that the demand for job professionals in the data science domain is set to grow exponentially in the next 2 years.

With the demand increasing, the lack of skilled data professionals in the market is making it difficult for companies to hire qualified data professionals.

If you’re a fresher candidate or an experienced working professional who wants to shift your career toward the data science domain, you must get ready to go through the technicalities of the interview and how to overcome them.

In this article, we’ll share 5 technical and 5 behavioural questions with you that get asked in almost all the data science interviews.

5 Technical Data Science Interview Questions

A lot of thoughts go through your mind when you go for an interview and it becomes a little difficult when you’re new in that field. To ease your difficulty, here are 3 Data Science Interview Tips that will help you in overcoming your fear of interviews.

1. Which package will you use for importing data in Python and R?

2. How will you differentiate between SELECT and UPDATE queries? Can you please show us an example?

3. Can you please name a graph? Will you be able to write a program in Python to build a graph?

4. What is Linear Regression?

5. What is an API and how are they used?

These 5 questions make it to almost all the data science interview technical rounds. To understand the answers to these questions and prepare yourself for the data science field, explore these amazing useful data science training programs by Console Flare.

1. Python For Data Analytics Certification Program

2. Masters in Data Science With Power BI Certification Program

5 Behavioural Data Science Interview Questions

As a data professional, your past experience working with data sets, models, and projects, creates a significant difference for the companies. Examining your past work & understanding the pattern to get a better idea if you will fit in the job role that company is hiring for. These behavioural questions are generally asked to check your storytelling skills and how you dealt with the data in your past projects.

Here are the 5 most-asked behavioural data science interview questions:

1. Describe a situation at your past company where you were under pressure and explain how you dealt with it?

2. Do you like to work with a team or you are a lone wolf?

3. Explain a situation where you had an idea in your mind and you had to convince your co-workers and manager?

4. Did you take a risk on a project at your past company? If yes, how did it affect you and your co-workers?

5. If you have a conflict with one of your colleagues regarding the solutions you both have, how will you resolve it?

data science interview questions

To make sure you are a good asset to the company and can perform well under pressure situations, companies ask candidates these types of questions so that they can understand their mindset.

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